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The services of SKM Furniture are used by a wide variety of industries that value quality, including the online gambling industry, which includes a variety of casinos such as instant bank transfer casino in Australia. Australian online casinos are known for their exceptional services and impressive amenities. One such amenity is the use of high-quality furniture in their offices, which not only enhances the look and feel of the workplace but also promotes comfort and productivity. The popular choice among these establishments is SKM Furniture, a leading supplier of commercial-grade office furniture in Australia.
SKM Furniture provides an extensive range of quality furniture pieces that cater to various industries, including online gambling businesses. Their products are designed to meet ergonomic standards while maintaining a sleek and modern look that can complement any office style. Additionally, SKM Furniture offers custom-made solutions that suit specific needs and preferences, ensuring that every piece fits perfectly into the space available.

The use of SKM Furniture by Australian online casinos does not only impact the aesthetics of their workplaces but also adds value to their overall operations.

Layby sales are governed by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) for Australia. SKM Furniture Layby allows you to buy a product and pay for it in instalments before taking it home. SKM Furniture will only dispatch the buyer product/s after receiving the final instalment payment for all Lay-Buy deals. A lay-by is available to any individuals that live in Australia and are at least 18 years old. However, before you can use Laybuy you need to provide us with your full name, residential address, email address and mobile number for the credit check/verification. SKM Furniture Layby offers shoppers a simple interest-free payment plan that lets you secure your purchase today and pay for it in monthly equal payments for the agreed lay-buy period of up to 12 months. A late payment fee of $50 may be charged in respect of each payment you fail to make on-time. Any payment default may also result in our debt collection service contacting you and/or your credit score being affected.

SKM Furniture Layby allows online casino players to buy furniture in installments and relax in their chair while browsing The History of Cars in Casinos. SKM Furniture Layby offers its customers an interest-free purchase guarantee plan today, where customers can relax on the couch and look at the Cars in Casinos. To make a purchase, online casino players need to provide their full name, residential address.

This agreement is between Kaalika PTY LTD T/A SKM Furniture and the person who has initiated this Layby Agreement (“you”, “Layby Contact”). The Layby Contact is at all times, the only party to the Layby Agreement, responsible for Layby payments, compliance with the Layby Agreement, and liable for any breach of the Layby Agreement. Notwithstanding anything contained in these terms and conditions or elsewhere on the SKM Furniture website, SKM Furniture makes no representation or commitment to supply with respect to any chosen order until such time as the application has been correctly submitted, payment finalised, and the order approved by a team member.

The commencement date of this LayBy Agreement is the “Date Placed” specified on the order receipt. A deposit must be received within seven (7) days of the LayBy being initialised or the LayBy application will be cancelled.

The finalisation date for completing the LayBy is specified in the LayBy approval. Once we have received your final payment, your order will be delivered within a reasonable timeframe. We will not store your order for any time after 30 days after the LayBy finalization date unless prior arrangements have been made. Delivery and storage fees will apply if your delivery is not accepted/collected within 30 days from the notice given date.

Lay-bys are available for up to 52 weeks and regular monthly payments must be made. Individual items may not be added, removed or separated from a layby. Laybys must be collected in full and cannot be separated into multiple parcels. Laybuys can be collected prior to the finalisation date; however, the customer must notify 12 weeks in advance and payment must be made in full. You must advise SKM Furniture of any changes to your address, delivery fees will be adjusted where necessary. A layby is not available for online purchases. You can lay by any full-priced item.

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A layby is available on purchase of a minimum value of $150. To establish a lay-by, you must pay a 10% deposit and there is no set-up fee.

SKM Furniture accepts all major credit cards. An electronic funds transfer is available upon request. With each payment made a registered receipt will be issued, showing the amount paid and the balance remaining outstanding. You may decide to pay more frequently if you wish.


Change of mind refunds/return on items after 48 hours of placing an order on all layby items, will attract a 50% restocking fee on the purchase price of the product/s. We do not return, refund or exchange if you change your mind for customized(leather type, size, colour) orders or items on Sale; immediately after placing an order/deposit.

You are entitled to cancel your Lay-By agreement at any time prior to the collection of the goods, except custom-made(size, colour, leather type etc) orders. All funds paid, the less restocking fee will be reimbursed to you. All refund amounts are less than the termination fee of $250 and 50% restocking fees on the purchase price of the products.

The company may cancel the Lay-By agreement if the customer fails to meet the payment schedule and applicable termination fees and 50% restocking fee on the purchase price of the product/s will apply where the customer has failed to comply with the agreement.

The company also reserves the right to terminate the agreement if they are unable to supply the item, the goods have been deemed to be faulty or they cease to trade. No termination fees will apply where the company has enacted any of these rights.

All applicable warranties commence from the period of collection and not from the start of the Lay-By

Lay-by terms may be varied for specific events or promotions.

Your personal information will be used to administer the lay-by, including for SKM Furniture or third parties to send reminders via letter, SMS or email. SKM Furniture may provide personal information to service providers for these purposes. SKM Furniture respects customer privacy and will only use your personal information in accordance with SKM Furniture’s Privacy Policy (see or contact for further details).

SKM Furniture reserves the right to terminate this Agreement in the event of any breach of this Agreement or illegal conduct by you, or otherwise as permitted under the Australian Consumer Law. The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) provides consumers with guarantees that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified. The LayBy Agreement does not affect any rights you have under the ACL or any other legal rights which cannot be excluded or modified. However, to the extent permitted by the ACL and subject to any other legal restriction, SKM Furniture excludes any terms, conditions, warranties, guarantees or other liability that may apply to SKM Furniture in respect of the LayBy Agreement or anything done under it. For services other than services of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption, SKM Furniture limits its liability, as permitted by the ACL, at its option, to the re-supply of the services or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again. Unless you acquire anything under the Layby Agreement as an individual and wholly or predominantly for personal, domestic or household use or consumption and SKM Furniture cannot exclude liability, then SKM Furniture is not liable for any loss or damage, including any indirect, special, consequential or economic loss or damage, whether or not arising from default or negligence by SKM Furniture or its employees, agents or contractors.