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PIKACHIO Single bed fits Mattress size of 92 * 188 cms (*approx)

PIKACHIO bed has become a favorite among children who love video games. This playful and uniquely designed bed adds an extra element of fun to bedtime, making it an exciting choice for young gamers. PIKACHIO bed’s design draws inspiration from the beloved gaming world, creating a cozy haven for children who are passionate about video games. The bed’s creative aesthetics, featuring vibrant colors and playful details, resonate well with kids who enjoy the immersive and imaginative experience of gaming. The connection between children who love video games and the PIKACHIO bed goes beyond just a piece of furniture. It becomes a centerpiece that reflects their interests and creates a comfortable space where they can unwind after a day of gaming adventures and news like Metroid Dread Now Available at 20% Off for Black Friday 2023.